Litigation Property Valuation

Dealing with a legal matter is often frustrating and annoying. Legal matters involving property normally occur because someone has passed away, there has been a relationship breakdown or an individual’s situation has changed. Due to this, the matter is likely to be difficult and could lead to disputes. These disputes may relate to the value of the property or how it is divided. Whatever the circumstances are for your property dispute our property valuers have impeccable communication skills which is coupled with their years of property valuation experience. Their sole intention when valuing properties is to ensure you have all the information you need to deal with your legal matter.

During property settlements or any legal matter there will often be misunderstandings related to the value of the property or the division of the assets. Getting a property valuation before you sign any agreement will ensure that you have all the information you need before you sign any agreement. We have heard of stories where clients did not get a property valuation and ended up signing an agreement that they later realised was not fair to them. An independent property valuation ensures that you have all the relevant information before you sign your agreement and that you get the outcome you want from the legal matter. It is always going be an easier process to decide not to go ahead with a property settlement before you have signed the contract than to change your mind about a contract you have already signed.

What is a litigation valuation?

Our approach to completing litigation property valuations is similar to other property valuations that we prepare. We will conduct significant research into the property market and will review comparable recent sales plus the current market conditions. Our property valuers will also physically inspect your property so we have all the relevant information necessary to complete the property valuation. When inspecting the property we will review the size and condition of the property, the aesthetics, the proximity to transport infrastructure and whether or not the property has appealing views.

We will tailor our litigation valuation specifically for court purposes. The court needs a valid property valuation so they can make a judgement on how the assets should be divided between the parties. Due to our independence we are a preferred property valuer within West Australian courts.

Why choose West Coast Valuers?

West Coast Valuers is a completely independent property valuation firm that is not associated with banks, real estate agents or any other organisation. Therefore any valuation you receive from us is completed with total independence. We place your best interests above anything else and want to help you get the best possible outcome. Our valuations have been used in various courts all over Australia including in the: Federal Court of Australia;Federal Circuit Court of Australia;Family Court of Australia;NSW Supreme Court;NSW District Court;NSW Land and Environment Court;ACT Supreme Court;ACT Magistrates Court;County Court of Victoria;Family Court of Western Australia.

If you’re in the midst of a legal matter and need a property valuation you can get in touch with us on (08) 6245 2131.