Business Valuation Perth

There will come a time when a business owner will question what their business is worth. That question may arise because: You’re considering selling your business;You’re thinking about retiring and want to plan for doing so;You’re planning how to divide your estate;You want to develop a business plan to improve profitability and increase the value;You’re selling the business and have received an offer and want to defend the price you’ve set.

Why West Coast Valuers?

This is where West Coast Valuers can help you. West Coast Valuers are experts in valuing businesses in Perth and regional WA. They have over a combined 300+ years of experience and are considered market leaders within Perth and regional WA.

Each business valuer that we employ has been in the field for a minimum of 15 years and are either Chartered Accountants™ or Chartered Practising Accountants (CPA™), so they are knowledgeable in business accounting and have a thorough knowledge of what needs to be considered when valuing a business.

What can our valuations be used for?

All valuations that our Valuers prepare can be used for a variety of purposes including: Family Law Court proceedings;Pre-purchase/Pe-sale;Litigation;Taxation;Loans and financing;Succession planning;Financial planning;Future/Succession planning.

What do you include in a valuation?

When our Valuers assess the value of your business they will review all of your business information including: The accounts;The industry it operates in;The current economic conditions;The business assets including equipment and real estate;The cost of replacing the equipment.

Intangible assets will also be taken into consideration including the brand, the reputation, goodwill, location (or locations) and intellectual property.

How to prepare for a business valuation

For a more accurate business valuation, you should prepare information for our Valuers including: Accounting records and bank statements;Loan contracts;Up-to-date tax returns;Financial forecasts;Debts;Profit and loss statements;Physical assets such as equipment, stock and real estate;Legal information such as business licences, business registration details and any other information required for compliance reasons.

Preparing this information for West Coast Valuers before they begin the business valuation will make for a much smoother process and assist in estimating the value of your business.

What industries do we complete business valuations in?

West Coast Valuers complete business valuations in a range of industries that include, but are not limited to: Manufacturing;Agricultural;Mining;Transport and logistics;Information Technology;Telecommunications;Construction;Pharmaceuticals;Medical centres;Hospitality including cafes, bars and restaurants;Entertainment;Media;Legal;Finance;Accounting firms.

Who are our valuations recognised by?

As one of the business valuation leaders in Perth and regional WA, West Coast Valuers prepares credible valuations that are accepted by every government organisation, banks and other financial institutions, other private companies and all Australian courts.

Our commitment to you

We aim to deliver high quality business valuation reports that are completed within 3-5 days from the date of inspection. If you would like to arrange your business inspection call West Coast Valuers on (08) 6245 2131.

Please contact us for a guaranteed competitive quote.