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Most common mistakes made by real estate investors

Everyone dream to have a real estate property and deep inside want to become a real estate investor to earn more money. But real estate investor’s job is the tough one. Investment decisions should make sagaciously otherwise investing in real estate would become a tedious and a nightmare. Cause a single wrong decision creates the…

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Misconceptions associated with the property valuations

People involve themselves and their money in real estate with great expectations. Which often leads to disappointments and they start carrying some notions in their mind which are not right and needs to break down otherwise people will tend to live with these myths and which is not often right. Property valuers Perth often try…

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This will help you to calculate rental yield

Property investment is a money making business and you may have heard from real estate property investors about the term ‘rental yield’. It’s pretty obvious that you want to invest in such properties which yield good rental income. To search the profitable properties in the property world real estate property agents and West Coast Valuers…

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Pros of renting a home

Accommodation for a living is one of the major needs of a person’s life. But here the confusion arises what to do whether buying is the right option or renting. You can also take an advice from the home valuer before making any decision related to the home i.e buying or renting. In some cases…

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Factors which affect the property prices

Among the crucial decisions, we make in our lives one is the property buying and selling decision. It is the most vital decision which needs knowledge, patience, research and an expert’s advice of a home valuer. As it involves bigger investment and lifetime savings of people. To know the actual market value of the home,…

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Act like a Pro while buying a home

Buying a home is a dream of many. But it’s not easy to find a home of your dream. You need money, market knowledge, research, a home which fulfills your dream, requirement and which suits your pocket. Well, hiring home valuers can help you in finding the right home. As home valuers have updated knowledge…

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Know how to add value to your home

Home always carries a special place in everyone’s heart. And if it is for investment purpose then also because you are planning to churn out profit from it. You want to maximize the property value, where it is for your own use or for investment purpose. Here are some tips on how you can add…

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Tips to become a smart property investor

For some people, investment in the real estate market is a quick way to get rich and an excellent way to earn huge profits. But saying this is a lot easier than actually receiving the advantages. Because it is not that easy, as it sounds like. For this, you have to be prudent, clever, quick…

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Perfect answers to your property valuation queries

Here are the frequently asked questions related to the property valuation – What is property valuation? It is the process to estimate the actual market value of the property by keeping the market conditions and other influencing factors into consideration. Who can evaluate the property value? The registered and qualified property valuer can evaluate the…

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It’s all about property valuation that you should know

Property valuation is an assessment of the property value as per the local market condition usually carried out by the registered property valuer for the various purpose like buying, selling, renting, financing, and loan. When you need a property valuation services – There are several occasions where a person needs to have a property valuation…

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Know about the different types of property valuations

Property valuation is the process to evaluate the property’s actual value. Majorly, it is required by the property owners, real estate agents and investors. For various reasons the owner wants to know the real price of the property, to settle some family property disputes, to know the insurance premium amount (that should be paid monthly),…

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Amazing facts about the Retrospective property valuation

There are lots of people who aren’t aware of this term – ‘Retrospective property valuation’ which is also known as backdated property valuation or historical property valuation. So in this post, we are going to explain what retrospection actually means and how and why it is used? What is retrospective or backdated property valuation? When…

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Do pools add value to your home in Australia?

Swimming pool, after listening to this, the words that comes from the minds of the people are relaxation, excitement, fun, party, and exercise. Yes, the swimming pool seems to be a perfect place in scorching summers. Though it fails to appeal most of the buyers when it comes to buying a home with pool. Impact…

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How to get house valued in perth

If you’re searching for the house valuer in perth then your search will come to end here. Because through this blog post you will get to know how to get house valued in perth. No doubt, property valuation or house valuation task is tough one. For this experts advice will be needed to find the…

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