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Our experienced Valuers at West Coast Valuers have been providing property valuation advice since 1997. We are a Perth-based, independent company that specialising in Plant & Machinery, Business and Property valuation. Our expertise covers across commercial, residential and specialised property valuations as well as general property advice across Perth and the greater metropolitan area.


Our Property Valuers Perth are familiar with your area and where necessary will explain recent sales and the property valuation Perth process.

We are leading property valuers in Perth, covering the entire metropolitan area within a 200km radius of the CBD. We provide property valuations in Perth for a wide variety of property types, such as:

At West Coast Valuers, we act in the best interests of our clients and can ensure complete confidentiality. Our valuation reports reflect the true representation of the property value free from bias or agenda.

As a registered member of the Australian Property Institute (API), we follow a Code of Professional Practice, Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct. Our Valuers undergo regular training and professional development courses through the API to maintain quality of service to all our clients.

Our Valuers are locally based to ensure that all queries can be answered with certainty and confidence. We use current, up-to-date technology to ensure our quality of service is upheld to a sufficient standard.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the valuation of your property, or would like to organise an inspection, please call us on (08) 6245 2131 . One of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

What is a property valuation?

A property valuation is a legally certified document provided by an independent valuer that aims to determines a property’s fair market value. A property valuation can be completed across residential, commercial, and industrial property types and can be calculated at its current market value or at a chosen retrospective date.

A property valuation encompasses an extensive process of researching and analysing over 200 variables to determine an accurate value. As such, a property valuation is paramount determining value for a variety of purposes and is necessary for legal and more specialised valuation requirements.

What is the process of becoming an API certified property valuer?

An API certified property valuer is a valuer that has gone through extensive training to become accredited with the Australian Property Institute. As such, a property valuer must go through an average of six years training including tertiary education, two years additional industry practice, and a formal interview.

As such, an API certified property valuer is considered one of the most highly regarded independent valuers in Australia with the proficiency to complex certified and complex valuations.

What is included in a property valuation report?

An independent property valuation report will include a comprehensive analysis the internal and external variables that contribute to the fair market value of the subject property. As such, a property valuation report will include exclusive details of the subject property such as council zoning restrictions, fixtures and features, and any notable ancillary improvements.

A property valuation report will also include an extensive market analysis including local comparable sales, proximity to recreational amenities and public transport, and overall market volatility. As such, the determination of value is calculated by standardised methodologies outlined by the Australian Property Institute (API) and the International Valuation Standards (IVS).

What is the role of a certified property valuer?

A certified property valuer is tasked with researching, analysing and interpreting property data in order value real property according to its fair market value. As such, a certified property valuer is qualified to provide independent property valuations for a variety of purposes and property types.

A certified property valuers gains their qualifications based on rigorous training with the Australian Property Institute (API), and can provide valuations for complex, specialised purposes. As such, a certified property valuer can provide valuations to meet any kind of governing compliance while meeting statutory and legislative requirements.

What is the difference between a bank valuation and a property valuation?

While both forms of valuations aim to provide a determination of value, a property valuation is a certified document completed without any kind of bias.

A bank valuation is sought out on behalf of the lender to ascertain loan security. As such, a more conservative value is reached because of the existing bias of wanting to minimise their risk in the case that the loan should be defaulted.

A property valuation, on the other hand, is performed by an independent valuer with the qualifications and industry expertise to provide the fair market value based on an objective analysis. As such, a property valuation is completed with complete professionalism, transparency and without bias.

How does a property valuer calculate value?

A property valuer will rely on the use of three main methodologies in order to calculate value. These are:

  • The Direct Comparison Approach: the property valuer will directly compare the property and over 200 variables to other similar properties in the local area. This is the most common methodology used.
  • The Summation Approach: This is completed as ancillary check used exclusively by API qualified property valuers. It will determine the replacement cost value of improvements and depreciate this by its age. As such, this will then be measured against the underlying land value to determine value.
  • The Capitalisation of Net Income: the property valuer is reserved for commercial properties and uses the net rental income of the subject property to capitalise this at a rate taken by comparable sales.

What is the difference between a current market and a retrospective property valuation?

A current market property valuation determines the fair market value of the subject property in relation to the property market in its current state. As such, a current market property valuation is only valid for 90 days to ensure accuracy and can be used for a variety of purposes while adhering to legislative and legal requirements.

A retrospective property valuation, on the other hand, determines the fair market value of the subject property at a fixed point in the past with a chosen historical date. As such, retrospective property valuations are useful when assisting in determining tax compliance or if subject property has changed hands or is no longer standing.

What is the difference between a real estate agent and a property valuer?

A real estate agent is a professional in the buy and sell process of any subject property, however, are not qualified to provide reliable and sound valuation advice. As such, a real estate agent can provide an estimated value of a property based on market performance that will indicate what the property is believed can be sold for.

A property valuer, on the other hand, holds the qualification to perform a valuation on real property. As such, a property valuer will provide a valuation service based on extensive research and objective data sourced from property databases. A property valuer can provide assurance and certainty over any kind of pre-purchase or pre-sale matter with a comprehensive analysis without any kind of conflict of interest.

Industry qualifications.

West Coast Valuers and key employees are members of the following professional associations ensuring that our high standards of work are maintained.

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We Are Compliant With:

Property Valuers PerthFamily Court of Western Australia
Property Valuers PerthMagistrates Court of Western Australia
Property Valuers PerthSupreme Court of Western Australia
Property Valuers PerthAustralian Property Institute (API)
Property Valuers PerthInternational Valuations Standards (IVS)
Property Valuers PerthStrata Titles Act 1985
Property Valuers PerthAustralian Taxation Office
Property Valuers PerthRevenue WA
Property Valuers PerthAccounting Professional Ethical Standards
Property Valuers PerthDefence Housing Australia Act 1987


Expert Valuation Perth

Completed a number of asset registers for large scale commercial and industrial sites, some over the value of $10 million

Expert Valuation Perth

Completed Business Valuations for Family Law matters for large entities with over $35 million annual revenue

Expert Valuation Perth

Valued a number of residential properties in exclusive areas such as Mosman Park, Nedlands and Cottesloe, some properties valued at over $3 million

Expert Valuation Perth

Completed a number of commercial valuations for properties valued at over $20 million

Expert Valuation Perth

Saved clients an average of $150,000 p/a in rental payments from rental reviews

Expert Valuation Perth

Completed valuations for large scale tertiary campuses and heritage listed sites, valued at over $20 million

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  • Quick Turnaround Times
  • Professionally Detailed Reports
  • API qualified
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Free from and Agenda and Bias

West Coast Valuers helped me minimise my tax liability with a property valuation for capital gains tax. They were informative, efficient and professional from start to finish. Couldn’t have asked for better! Thank you, West Coast Valuers! – Catherine Barton, Perth property owner.

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