Expert Witness Property Valuations

West Coast Valuers have extensive experience in completing expert witness property valuations that can be used in court when a dispute needs to be resolved. An expert witness property valuation will help the judge make a decision in court.

Why would an expert witness be necessary?

An expert witness will be necessary when a property dispute ends up in court. Their professional opinion is trusted in a court of law. Expert witnesses will always be independent and can be relied upon to give an impartial and independent opinion based on their knowledge and experience in the property industry.

Property valuers will be called upon to give expert advice in various Australian courts such as the Federal Court, Federal Circuit Court, Federal Family Court, Family Court of Western Australia, Supreme Court, Magistrate Court and the Land and Environment Court.

Why choose West Coast Valuers?

West Coast Valuers have the skills and expertise to value your property at the current market rate or can use a historical value for your legal matter. Just ask as when you call and we will be able to appropriately value your property.

We have been in operation for over 20 years and we take great joy in our exceptional reputation that has been established over the years of creating accurate and detailed property valuations. Many courts prefer our valuations because they are created to a very high standard that is unbeatable.

Our work ethic is second to none and we approach every client with the same care and attention. We are accredited with the Australian Property Institute and our valuations are completed in accordance with WA legislation. If you would like a valuation give us a call on (08) 6245 2131 and we could be happy to assist.