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Amazing facts about the Retrospective property valuation

There are lots of people who aren’t aware of this term – ‘Retrospective property valuation’ which is also known as backdated property valuation or historical property valuation. So in this post, we are going to explain what retrospection actually means and how and why it is used? What is retrospective or backdated property valuation? When…

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Know how to add value to your home

Home always carries a special place in everyone’s heart. And if it is for investment purpose then also because you are planning to churn out profit from it. You want to maximize the property value, where it is for your own use or for investment purpose. Here are some tips on how you can add…

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Tips to become a smart property investor

For some people, investment in the real estate market is a quick way to get rich and an excellent way to earn huge profits. But saying this is a lot easier than actually receiving the advantages. Because it is not that easy, as it sounds like. For this, you have to be prudent, clever, quick…

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